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This is where the weekly group call recordings will be posted, as well as weekly channeled videos. By joining our monthly membership you get to participate in the weekly group calls (Tues @19:00 CET Europe/ 10 am US Pacific Time/ 1 pm US Eastern Time/ 6 pm GMT UK). You get access to watch all the Group Call recordings, for those that can't join, and you get access to exclusive channeled videos posted every week. In this community you can comment, post your thoughts on the Teachings, give and receive support and discuss your experiences with the rest of the group. This is the best tool to help integrate the teachings!

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We also offer an extended package exclusively for our Course To Consciousness students. This package includes everything in the $50 deal but with an add on of 2 Group Integration calls per month, total of $90. NOTE: to join Integration calls you must have participated in one of our live courses on Course To Consciousness. The Private call option is a 60 mins private zoom call per month, and this price includes access to 4 group channeling calls/month as well as the Membership Community.

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