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Power is what you are. Your life essence, the energy that gives life to your heart and mind, is power. Life itself is power. When you are, when you exist, you can create, you can do, you can be. To exist, is to wield power.

If you feel a pull towards power, it is because you are meant to wield that power. If you have tremendous resistance and fear of power, you are also meant to wield power. The resistance comes from having abused your power, been the victim of the abuse of power, and the fear of that abuse continuing or repeating. This life is then your chance to clear that resistance, and to use power wisely and aligned with love. 

The power that is yours, is inhibited and limited by what you believe yourself to be capable of. How you perceive yourself, as a human, as an individual, and your place in society, will determine how much of your power you allow in. The power is there, but you don’t allow it to manifest in your reality, because your reality is designed to reflect your beliefs. In order for you to fully tap into your power, you must change your perception of self. Otherwise your use of power becomes an effort. The grace and elegance of authentic power comes from the freedom of being, the freedom to be who you are, as you are.

Power is not to be feared, it is innately yours, and it is how you navigate and create your reality. 

Are you ready to tap into your power?

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Power Introduction & Fear of Power

    • What is power?

  • 2

    Finding Your Power

    • Authenticity leads to power

  • 3

    Using Your Power

    • Self Empowerment

  • 4

    Introduction to Leading & Becoming the Leader

    • What does it mean to be a leader?

  • 5

    Being Yourself as a Leader

    • Leading from the Heart

  • 6

    Who am I to lead?

    • Let your Power Lead you

  • 7

    Complete Course PDF + Bonus mini Course on how to Change your Limiting Beliefs

    • POWER & LEADING 2021

    • The process of Changing your Beliefs

  • 8

    If you want to know more...

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