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Course Description

Join Astrid Halvorsen, channel for Higher Consciousness, on an ascension journey of discovery of higher consciousness and human potential.

In this uplifting and transformative 12 lesson course, Astrid channels information and guidance on how higher consciousness unfolds in the divine human experience, and gives special attention to embodiment of unity consciousness where we shine and perceive the wholeness of Self in the totality of our existence.

Astrid’s channeling and the accompanying course materials, describe in great detail the transformation of mind, emotions, beliefs and consciousness that opens us up to our higher nature, the processes we can use to give rise to enlightenment, and practical aspects of living a joyful reality, even in the midst of challenges.

Embodying Higher Consciousness is a rich source of knowledge and support as you walk your ascension path, naturally, as well as a great source of comfort for these times.

The course includes a weekly interactive channeling and Q & A with Astrid, and mentoring from Wendy Pierce and Marilyn Decalo who will share additional insights, reflections and awareness on this epic voyage of self-realization.

Channeled Guidance about this Course

Marilyn Decalo, Astrid Halvorsen, and Wendy Pierce talk about WHY this course is so unique and why they are so excited about bringing this guidance to you. Astrid also channels two messages about the course, and why you chose to incarnate at this time.  

Course dates: May 19 - June 29th, 2021

  • This course consists of two channeled videos and lessons per week, practice work and discussion questions; plus a weekly live class via Zoom on Wednesdays from 1 – 3 pm EST. The live class includes channeling on the weekly theme, questions and channeled answers for class participants and coaching. An optional, 1 – 2 hour weekly community check-in led by the course coaches is also offered. The welcome meeting begins on May 19th at 1 pm US Eastern Time.

  • The first week's lessons will be released for you to review on Wednesday, May 19th. We'll review the topics and format during our first class. Starting the following week, each Thursday for the six week duration of the course, two of Astrid’s channeled videos will be unlocked on the course web page for you to watch and review at your convenience during the week. Practices, resources and self-exploration questions will accompany the weekly videos.

  • The Wednesday Zoom meeting will further deepen understanding of the weekly topic with additional channeled information and the opportunity to ask about your particular experience with the course material. These Zoom meetings will be recorded for those who are unable to attend. As a group, participants will determine the best day(s) for check-ins with the coaches.

  • Course Leaders: Videos and weekly channelings are by Astrid Halvorsen, Channel for Higher Consciousness. Discussions are led by spiritual coaches Marilyn Decalo and Wendy Pierce.

  • Course Fee: $1212. Special Launch pricing before May 15th: $1111.

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